Program Information


June 22- July 19 2014

Austin, TX

Repertoire under consideration:

Susannah - Don Giovanni - The Crucible - Semele - Gianni Schicchi - The Marriage of Figaro + another one act TBD

Opera Scenes Showcase, Aria Extravaganza Concert, Season Preview Concert,
Opera Ambassadors Concert and/or Aria by Request Concert


Click here for the APPLICATION.


Please note that the added audition date has changed to Monday, March 17, 2014.

PLEASE NOTE: to receive an audition appointment, you must return a completed application and all requested materials. This will be our final live audition date.

YouTube and DVD auditions are accepted on an ongoing basis, through May 1, 2014. However, please note that we expect casting for the mainstage operas to be complete by the first week of April. Later applications will be considered for participation in concerts, scenes, chorus, covers, and any mainstage roles which remain unfilled.


Spotlight on Opera offers two divisions to provide training and performance opportunities for singers with a variety of schedules.

DAYTIME DIVISION - weekly voice lessons, coachings, and classes including fitness, the Business of Singing, stage craft, auditions master classes, makeup, professional image, and more. Opportunities to perform concerts, opera scenes and full opera roles.

Rehearsals: M-Sat 10 a.m.- 10 p.m. There is one Sunday matinee performance, July 22.

Fee: $1500.00. Housing and Transportation not included.

AFTER FIVE DIVISION - Coach and rehearse opera scenes and full roles for performance; participate in Saturday morning master classes.

Rehearsals: MTWTHF 6-10 p.m., Saturdays, 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. There is one Sunday matinee performance, July 22. You may not be called every night or all night during this time; however you must be available. After Five Singers who have daytime availability may be asked to rehearse during the day.

Fee: $450.00. Housing and Transportation not included.


Aria Extravaganza Concert - one performance. A fun, informal concert in which each singer performs an aria. Usually held at the Whole Foods flagship store in downtown Austin.

Season Preview Concert - one performance. Highlights from the upcoming season.

Aria by Request - one performance. Our audience's favorite concert, in which they bid for particular pieces and/or singers from a menu of selections. Informal and sometimes even rowdy, but always fun!

Opera Ambassadors Concert - one performance. The season ender and the chance for singers to kick back, choose adventurous, cherished, fun, and sometimes even silly repertoire, and have a great time.

Opera Scenes Showcase - two to three performances. A selection of opera excerpts tailored to the abilities and interests of the performers. Singers are strongly encouraged to suggest repertoire they would like to perform.

Mainstage Operas - two performances each. We will select two full operas, or one full and two one acts, based on the singers who audition for the program, taking into consideration their abilities and interests. Repertoire under consideration includes but is not limited to:

Susannah - Don Giovanni - The Crucible - Semele - Gianni Schicchi + Cavalleria Rusticana, Buoso's Ghost, Speed Dating Tonight, or Il Campanello

For more information about the repertoire being considered, click HERE.

In order to give our singers the best, most valuable experience, we do not finalize our opera or scene selections until we know what talent is available. If we do not have the means to produce one of the listed operas, we may choose an unlisted option. Singers are strongly encouraged to request specific roles and repertoire they would like to perform.


Spotlight on Opera welcomes out of town singers, but unfortunately we cannot provide housing or transportation. We are happy to provide some general information about area housing and to put out of town singers in contact with local members who may have space to rent.


Spotlight on Opera offers the following scholarship/work study positions:

Production Assistant: this is a work study position for a singer who will essentially act as an assistant to the General Director and work in a variety of capacities, from administrative tasks to errand running to front of house duties. The PA must have his or her own car and be regularly available for duty throughout the session, but will have ample time to sing and participate fully in the program. In lieu of a salary, the PA receives full tuition for the Daytime Division (a $1500 value). If you would like to be considered for the Production Assistant position, please contact General Director Cindy Sadler at Please include a resume, bio, high resolution headshot, references, and a short cover letter. You will need to audition in person or via YouTube or DVD and complete an in-person interview.

Guest Artist: guest artists are generally young professionals who may or may not have completed Young Artist Programs or sung their first professional gigs. Pending audition, they are awarded major roles in full operas and scenes and are invited to participate in the Daytime Division at their discretion. They receive coachings, voice lessons, classes, and performance opportunities in lieu of a fee. Guest Artists are responsible for their own housing and transportation. Guest Artist positions are extremely limited and offered on a basis of Spotlight's requirements for the summer. If you would like to be considered for a Guest Artist position, please contact General Director Cindy Sadler at Please include a resume, bio, high resolution headshot, references, and a short cover letter. You will need to audition in person or via YouTube or DVD.


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SUSANNAH by Carlisle Floyd
Susannah Polk - soprano
Sam Polk - tenor
Olin Blitch - bass-baritone
Little Bat McLean - tenor
Elder McLean - baritone
Elder Gleaton - tenor
Elder Hayes - tenor
Elder Ott - baritone
Mrs. McLean - mezzo-soprano
Mrs. Gleaton - soprano
Mrs. Hayes - soprano
Mrs. Ott - contralto
CHORUS of townspeople

THE CRUCIBLE by Robert Ward
John Proctor - baritone
Elizabeth Proctor - mezzo-soprano
Abigail Williams - soprano
Judge Danforth - tenor
Reverend John Hale - bass or bass baritone
Reverend Samuel Parris - tenor
Tituba - contralto
Rebecca Nurse - contralto
Mr. Nurse - bass-baritone
Giles Corey - tenor
Mary Warren - soprano
Ann Putnam - soprano
Thomas Putnam - baritone
Ezekiel Cheever - tenor
Sarah Good - soprano
Betty Parris - mezzo-soprano
Mercy Lewis - soprano
Bridget Booth soprano
Susanna Walcott - contralto
Ruth Putnam - soprano
Martha Sheldon -soprano

Don Giovanni - W.A. Mozart
Donna Anna - soprano
Donna Elvira - soprano
Zerlina - soprano or lyric mezzo
Don Ottavio - tenor
Don Giovanni - baritone
Leporello - baritone
Masetto - bass-baritone
Commendatore - bass
Small chorus

SEMELE by GF Handel
Note: Cadmus and Somnus may be performed by the same singer. So can Ino and Juno.
Jupiter - tenor
Cadmus, King of Thebes - bass
Semele, Cadmus' daughter and beloved of Jupiter - soprano
Athamas , engaged to and in love with Semele- male alto or mezzo-soprano
Ino, Semele's sister, in love with Athamas - mezzo-soprano
Somnus - bass
Apollo - tenor
Juno - mezzo-soprano
Iris - soprano
High priest - bass
Small Chorus

Gianni Schicchi (Puccini, One Act)
Gianni Schicchi - baritone
Lauretta - soprano
Zita - mezzo-soprano
Rinuccio - tenor
Nella - soprano
La Ciesca- soprano or lyric mezzo
Marco - baritone
Gherardo - tenor
Betto- bass-baritone
Simone- bass
Gheradino- soprano or mezzo
Maestro Spinnellocio, the doctor - tenor or baritone
Amantio di Nicolao, the notary - tenor or baritone
Guccio - baritone
Pinellino - baritone
Buoso Donati - actor

Buoso's Ghost (Michael Ching; One Act; a sequel to Gianni Schicchi)
A sequel to GIANNI SCHICCHI, BUOSO'S GHOST begins with the final bars of GIANNI SCHICCHI. As Lauretta and Rinuccio begin to plan their future and Schicchi begins to enjoy his new home, they are interrupted by the furious relatives who he has just cheated. They have returned with a magistrate to accuse Schicchi of having poisoned Buoso, and make plans to murder Schicchi themselves --- but once again his wit prevails and the wicked Donatis are defeated.
The voice types are the same as for the original.

Speed Dating Tonight (Michael Ching; One Act)
Speed Dating Tonight imagines a speed dating session at a bar in contemporary America. With traditional opening and closing numbers, the middle section of the opera is a group of one-to-two minute “dater arias” which can be put together according to the number of singers available. The order, key, and, in many cases even the gender, of the daters is flexible. Accordingly, a variety of voice types are needed.

Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni; One Act)
Santuzza- soprano or mezzo-soprano
Turiddu - tenor
Alfio - baritone
Mama Lucia - contralto
Lola- mezzo-soprano or soprano

Il Campenello (Donizetti; One Act)
The jealous Enrico interrupts the wedding night of his former lover, Serafina, and the old apothecary, Don Annibale, by constantly ringing the bell and demanding he fill an increasingly ridiculous list of prescriptions.

Serafina, a young bride - soprano or lyric mezzo
Don Annibale Pistacchio, her elderly husband, an apothecary - bass
Spiridione, their servant - tenor
Madama Rose, Serafina's aunt - mezzo-soprano
Enrico, Serafina's cousin and former suitor - baritone


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